• First Responders

    Risking Their Lives For Us

    All too often, emergency responders are injured while trying to help others. These injuries can be especially devastating as they can often prevent emergency responders from being able to work and provide for their families.read more.

SSD/SSI Attorneys

For decades, our firm has successfully represented numerous individuals and families in the prosecution of their SSD/SSI claims.  Let us help you achieve the benefits that you may be entitled to under this specific system of law. 

Wrongful Death Attorneys 

Our firm has been helping people obtain financial security after the death of a loved one for over 70 years.  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the law have enabled us to achieve the best possible results for our clients under the worst circumstances.

Dog Bites

Our lawyers have handled many cases involving dog attacks and have successfully argued dog bite cases at both the Trial and Appellate levels.  Our experience in this field has resulted in substantial recoveries for our clients injured as a result of a dog bite.


Driving While Intoxicated Buffalo NY Law

Driving While Intoxicated

If you were charged for Driving While Intoxicated in the Buffalo NY area, we have the expertise and knowledge to successfully defend you in your time of need. DUI Attorneys.

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Lawyers Buffalo NY

Criminal Defense Lawyers

We’ve established a good working relationship with law enforcement and the local court systems. ... Buffalo Area Federal Crimes.

White Collar Crime

Buffalo White Collar Defense

Buffalo White Collar Defense

Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP is ready to help you defend yourself against white collar criminal charges in the Buffalo, NY area.


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