Dangerous and Defective Products/Product Liability

Whether in the workplace, at home or out in public, we are surrounded by all types of products that get us through our day. Whether it be in a machine at work, an appliance at home, a component of your automobile or some type of electronic device at a store, New York Law has long recognized that manufacturers of products are responsible for injuries caused by manufacturing flaws, design defects and inadequate warnings.

Should you or someone you know be injured as a result of a defective product, please contact Rosenthal, Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP immediately so that prompt investigation of the negligent product occurs and all necessary steps to preserve your legal rights to compensation are taken. Product liability claims are complex in nature as they often involve multiple parties from outside of New York State and often outside of the United States. It is important that the identification of all responsible parties takes place as soon as possible after someone is injured as a result of a product. 

Oftentimes, Rosenthal, Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP has to immediately file a civil action seeking an Order from a Judge directing potentially liable companies to produce relevant evidence regarding the faulty product as well as the makers and distributors of any and all component parts inside the machine that are broke down and caused injury to our client.

In these types of matters, it is critical to have experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. At Rosenthal, Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP, we have successfully achieved millions of dollars in verdicts, settlements and awards on behalf of our clients who have been injured by defective products.


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