Traffic safety under low light conditions

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

As the days get shorter, both drivers and pedestrians are at greater risk of involvement in a traffic accident because of poor lighting conditions.

Understanding the reasons behind these threats on the road can help you travel more safely and avoid an auto collision.

Sun glare hazards

Seasonal changes cause the sunset to occur earlier in the evening and the sunrise to happen later in the morning. This can result in more glare from the sun during high traffic hours, which makes it difficult for drivers to see. Using polarized sunglasses may be useful if you are driving under these conditions. Maintaining a clean windshield can help, too. Pedestrians should take extra care when crossing the street during times of increased glare.

Driving at night

Low light can impair a driver’s peripheral vision and depth perception. Furthermore, it is more difficult to distinguish colors accurately in the dark. Thus, walking and driving at night can be more dangerous. You should only cross the street at designated times and areas. Do not jaywalk, especially at night. Also, consider removing your headphones and visually checking for moving vehicles nearby.

To avoid traffic collisions when driving in low light, use your headlights and ensure they are functioning properly and clean. Avoid turning on dashboard lights or other lights inside your vehicle. You should also drive more slowly and practice patience if you are driving in traffic at night.

Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, being aware of the hazards that low light causes can help you prevent harm and stay safe on the road.


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