Common causes of construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Working on a construction site means expecting the unexpected. The environment is dynamic and requires attention at all times. Heavy equipment and construction tasks put everyone at risk of accidents. Understand the hazards to protect yourself from injury.

Construction accidents are typically caused by a few common situations.

Overlooking safety hazards

Sometimes, the simplest oversight can lead to an injury on a construction site. A loose electrical wire, a cord that creates a trip hazard and even damaged equipment can put you at risk of injury on the job site.

Ignoring established safety procedures

Strict safety procedures, established by OSHA, govern industries such as construction, including regulations for scaffolding. When you overlook or ignore those safety procedures, it puts everyone on the site at risk of injury. Safety gear, including hard hats, eye protection and safety anchors are mandatory for protecting against injuries.

Malfunctioning machinery

Construction equipment is dangerous even when it is functioning properly, but when it malfunctions, it is even more so. When equipment is not functioning correctly, it is at greater risk of component failure, rollover and other serious issues. These problems often arise as a result of neglected maintenance and skipped pre-shift assessments.

The fast pace and high risk of a construction site can lead to severe injuries when an incident occurs. Understanding the most common hazards helps you take the necessary steps to keep yourself and others on your job site safe. Safety is paramount in your operations and shift decisions. Remember to watch for errant hazards, enforce safety procedures and monitor your equipment at all times.


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