Does my employer have to pay for my PPE?

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration establishes the guidelines for protective equipment on a construction site.

When working on a construction site, knowing what the law requires your employer to provide for your safety is important.

Employer responsibilities

The Industrial Code for the State of New York contains specific regulations on the owner’s, employer’s and contractor’s responsibility when providing personal protective equipment.  Employers who do not comply could face fines and other serious consequences.

Equipment regulations

The state regulations for PPE include the following items:

  • Head protection. This includes approved safety hats, and the provision is for any person who is either passing through or working in an area where falling objects could injure the individual. It also includes environments where there is a risk of head bumping.
  • Eye protection. This stipulation requires eye protection issued for the specific hazard where the employee is working. Cutting, grinding, chemical splashes, welding and other operations can injure the eyes, and the eyewear needs to withstand cracking, impact or other damage.
  • Foot protection. Employers must furnish individuals working in mud, water, wet concrete or another wet footing with pullover boots, waterproof boots or rubbers to wear over safety shoes.
  • Employers must provide respirators approved for the operations or contaminants present in the work environment.

In addition to providing the equipment, employers must also disinfect equipment before transferring it to another employee, as well as continually check that it is in proper working condition.

Injuries that occur on a construction site, especially if the contractor or another party failed to provide the necessary equipment may have compensation eligibility. Know your rights when taking a job and talking to your employer about PPE.


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