Dangerous intersections for car accidents in Buffalo

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Buffalo, New York is a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture. However, it also harbors some of the most treacherous intersections for car accidents.

These intersections pose significant risks to drivers and pedestrians alike, often resulting in serious injuries and even fatalities. Understanding the dangers lurking at these junctions is important for ensuring safety on the roads.

1. Niagara Street and Porter Avenue

One of the most notorious intersections in Buffalo is where Niagara Street intersects with Porter Avenue. Here, the convergence of traffic from multiple directions creates a chaotic environment prone to accidents. Drivers must navigate through heavy traffic while pedestrians attempt to cross the street, leading to frequent collisions.

2. Elmwood Avenue and North Street

Elmwood Avenue and North Street is another intersection fraught with danger. With its high volume of traffic and complex layout, this junction demands utmost caution from drivers. Failure to yield or navigate properly often results in collisions, making it a hotspot for accidents in Buffalo.

3. Main Street and Bailey Avenue

Main Street and Bailey Avenue is a bustling intersection notorious for its high accident rate. The intersection’s design, coupled with heavy traffic flow, increases the likelihood of collisions.

4. Delaware Avenue and Kenmore Avenue

Delaware Avenue and Kenmore Avenue is yet another intersection in Buffalo plagued by frequent accidents. The intersection’s layout, coupled with speeding vehicles and distracted driving, creates a recipe for disaster.

5. Hertel Avenue and Delaware Avenue

Hertel Avenue and Delaware Avenue rounds out the list of Buffalo’s most dangerous intersections. The intersection’s proximity to residential areas and commercial establishments results in heavy traffic congestion. Drivers must exercise patience and attentiveness to prevent accidents at this challenging junction.

Statistics show that 22 fatal car accidents occurred in the city of Buffalo alone in 2021. City authorities and motorists alike have a role to play in minimizing the frequency of accidents at high-traffic intersections.


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