What social gatherings lead to DUIs during autumn?

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Summer is the most common time of year for alcohol-related vehicle wrecks. That said, many fall celebrations see inebriated individuals getting behind the wheel.

Recognizing what get-togethers pose a risk remains essential to reducing tragedies.

Fall events where people drink alcohol

Football fanatics look forward to another season the moment after the Super Bowl. Pigskin enthusiasts may punctuate their passion for the sport by imbibing. Peer pressure has a way of heightening consumption among younger demographics. Worsening matters, an increasing number of colleges are selling adult beverages during games.

Halloween festivities are another set of situations featuring liquor. October 31st is no longer the exclusive domain of children. These days, adults attend gatherings in slinky outfits. The anticipation of flirting may lead to drinking as a form of social lubricant.

Thanksgiving is also a time during which alcohol often appears. Making the most of the holiday tends to be the excuse people use when grabbing a fifth beer or third whiskey. Proximity to difficult relatives could be the actual reason. Many use spirits as a crutch to deal with family stress.

Safety measures at fall events where people drink alcohol

Party organizers need to create situations where people do not drive away intoxicated. Always provide food and bottled water. Verify that guests who consume have a safe plan for returning home. Limit the length of celebrations and remove liquor well before concluding the festivities.

People hosting alcohol-fueled shindigs must stop others from peeling off in drunken states. Party throwers must stay vigilant, even during this joyous season.


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