Advocating For Those Accused Of Crimes

Being accused of a crime is difficult. You may feel confused, stressed and emotional. The outcome of what happens right now will greatly impact your future. You need an ally who cares about your needs and is willing to fight for your future.

At Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP, our attorneys advocate for individuals accused of all matters of state and federal crimes. We will advise you of your options, listen to your side of the story and offer judgment-free advocacy that you can depend on.

Fighting Against State And Federal Charges

Charges brought against an individual in New York state or by the federal government often have serious consequences and require experienced and skilled defense attorneys. The attorneys at our firm have themselves worked as prosecutors handling felonies involving:

Our experience as prosecutors has proven invaluable in providing our clients with experienced and knowledgeable representation in all areas of criminal defense. Some matters involve both state and federal charges. We are equipped to assist you with all types of charges.

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Our firm has obtained the best possible results for clients faced with the most serious state and federal charges. Please contact us immediately if you or someone you know is being prosecuted or investigated by the state or the federal government. Criminal accusations require a swift response. Call our lawyers at 716-800-3442 to schedule your free consultation and get an advocate in your corner.

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