Assisting Injured Workers With Disability Claims

Whether it be as a result of unforeseen illness, serious injury, birth defect or a degenerative condition, individuals of any age may become unable to work their jobs, maintain employment or even ever be able to obtain employment. The federal government has long recognized that a wide variety of disabilities prevent people from working and established the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income systems to help individuals and their families secure and obtain the fundamental and necessary benefits to support themselves.

For decades, our firm has successfully represented numerous individuals and families in the prosecution of their SSD/SSI claims. Let us help you achieve the benefits that you may be entitled to under this specific system of law.

Understanding Social Security Disability Requirements

At Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP, we personally work with our SSD/SSI clients and offer our assistance whenever needed in both explaining and walking our clients through the process. Generally, if an individual has not or cannot perform substantial or gainful activity for a period of at least 12 months due to medical conditions documented by their doctors and/or treating providers, while considering their age, education and past work experience, they may be entitled to disability benefits. Further, depending on past work history and the onset date of disability, an individual may be entitled to get retroactive back pay beginning from the date they were last able to work.

For those individuals who do not have sufficient work history or who have never been able to achieve or maintain employment due to their disabilities, a Supplemental Security Income claim (SSI) is the claim to pursue. Our attorneys can help you in achieving your maximum benefit.

See What You Qualify For Today

Our lawyers understand that becoming disabled is very difficult and that sometimes individuals have a difficult time accepting their inability to work.  At Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP, we respect these claims and the individuals who must file them to support themselves and their families. Please contact us today to discuss your eligibility for the benefits under this system, which include monthly income and medical insurance benefits. Located in Buffalo, New York, our attorneys can be reached by calling 716-800-3442.

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