Common ways seniors become injured outside the home

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As seniors enjoy their golden years, staying active and engaged in the community is important for their well-being. However, venturing away from the safety of their own homes can pose risks.

Being aware of some of the most common ways seniors become injured outside their own homes can keep them safer.

1. Slips and falls

Slipping or tripping on uneven sidewalks, wet floors or icy pathways is a leading cause of injuries among seniors. These falls can result in fractures, sprains or head injuries, especially for those with balance issues or mobility impairments.

2. Traffic accidents

Crossing busy streets or navigating parking lots can be hazardous for seniors, particularly if they have impaired vision or hearing. Being struck by vehicles or involved in accidents while driving can lead to severe injuries or fatalities.

3. Pedestrian accidents

Walking is a popular form of exercise for seniors, but it can also be risky. Pedestrian accidents, such as collisions with bicycles, scooters or other walkers, can cause serious injuries, especially in crowded areas or on poorly maintained paths.

4. Public transportation incidents

Using buses, trains or subways can be convenient for seniors, but accidents can occur while boarding, disembarking or riding public transportation. Falls on platforms, getting caught in closing doors or sudden stops can result in injuries.

5. Dog bites

Encountering unleashed or aggressive pets while walking in parks or neighborhoods can lead to dog bites or other animal attacks. These injuries can cause physical harm as well as emotional distress.

6. Playground injuries

While spending time with grandchildren at playgrounds or parks, seniors may become injured while supervising or participating in activities. Falls from playground equipment or accidents on swings can result in fractures or other injuries.

7. Assaults and robberies

Unfortunately, seniors are vulnerable to assaults or robberies while out in public. Being targeted by criminals for theft or harm can have serious consequences for seniors’ physical and emotional well-being.

By practicing safety measures and staying vigilant, seniors can continue to enjoy their independence and quality of life outside their own homes.


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