Four winter driving safety tips

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Winter in Buffalo brings with it picturesque landscapes covered in snow.

However, for drivers, it also means navigating icy roads, heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures. To ensure a safe and smooth winter driving experience, there are practical tips to keep in mind.

1. Tire traction matters

To enhance your vehicle’s traction, consider investing in winter tires. These specialized tires perform optimally in cold weather, providing better grip on icy or snow-covered roads. Regularly check tire pressure and tread depth, ensuring they meet the recommended levels for winter driving.

2. Maintain visibility with proper lighting

Reduced visibility due to snowfall is a common challenge during winter. Ensure all your vehicle’s lights are in working order, including headlights, brake lights and turn signals. Keep your lights on, even during the day, to enhance visibility for yourself and other drivers.

3. Brake safely and anticipate stops

When driving in winter conditions, it is important to adjust your braking habits. Increase your following distance to allow for additional stopping time, and brake gently to avoid skidding on icy surfaces. Plan your stops well in advance, signaling early to give other drivers ample notice.

4. Prepare an emergency kit

Buffalo winters can be unpredictable, so it is wise to prepare for the unexpected. Pack an emergency kit that includes essentials like a blanket, extra warm clothing, a flashlight, non-perishable snacks and a first aid kit. Keep your mobile phone charged and carry a car charger to ensure you can call for assistance if needed.

Annually, 116,800 people across the nation sustain injuries in motor vehicle accidents on snowy, slushy or icy roads. By incorporating these practical tips into your winter driving routine, you can navigate Buffalo’s roads with confidence and minimize the impact of winter weather on your travels.


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