5 tips on sharing the road with motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

For safety’s sake, every motorist should be constantly mindful that they are driving alongside vehicles with unique capabilities and weaknesses. Failure to observe every rule of the road can lead to a wreck that results in injury.

Coexisting with motorcycles, in particular, requires heightened awareness.

1. Keep a safe following distance

Everyone should maintain a reasonable following distance when traveling behind motorcyclists, as these rides can stop faster than their four-wheeled counterparts. Giving them ample breaking space prevents unnecessary collisions.

2. Check blind spots regularly

Motorcycles are smaller than cars and may easily slip into blind spots. Commuters should periodically adjust their mirrors and physically look behind them to ensure no bikers are present before they change lanes.

3. Signal clearly in advance

Using turn signals is integral to being a responsible motorist. Indicating one’s intentions sooner rather than later gives motorcyclists adequate time to react. This practice enhances road communication and reduces situations where someone must make a dangerous maneuver.

4. Be mindful of lane positioning

Motorcyclists often switch lanes based on road conditions, traffic flow and visibility. Anticipating the moves motorcycles are about to make reduces the likelihood of a smashup.

5. Check intersections thoroughly

Intersections are common accident locations, with 35% of deadly motorcycle wrecks happening at them. All motorists should double-check before proceeding, taking special care to ensure no motorcyclists are approaching or already in the intersection. Increased vigilance can circumvent tragic situations.

Motorcycles are everywhere. Respecting them requires awareness, patience and strict adherence to traffic safety. Those who practice these habits are helping to create a world where bikers can enjoy their rides worry-free.


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