Helping First Responders Injured On Duty

First responders are the first line of defense in any emergency situation. Police officers, firefighters and EMTs respond to the most dangerous situations at great risk to themselves on a daily basis. All too often, emergency responders are injured while trying to help others. These injuries can be especially devastating as they can often prevent emergency responders from being able to work and provide for their families.

If you are an emergency responder and have been injured on the job, the lawyers at Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP can help you seek compensation to help with your medical bills.

Experience Assisting  Emergency Responders

The attorneys at our firm have a unique insight into the dangers faced by emergency responders as a result of our extensive experience working for the District Attorney’s Office as well as the Office of Corporation Counsel. Over the years, our firm has obtained substantial recoveries for numerous first responders injured in the line of duty. Additionally, we have considerable experience successfully negotiating General Municipal Law §207 claims.

You Take Care Of Us, We’ll Take Care Of You

Finally, our firm not only recognizes the dangers faced by first responders on a daily basis, but we appreciate everything they do for our society. That is why our firm offers first responders and their friends and family preferred rates in all areas of personal injury. Like all firms in New York State, we do not collect a fee unless we recover money for our client. However, unlike any other firm, we limit our fee to 25 percent of what we recover for first responders and their friends and family, rather than the customary 33.3 percent charged by other firms. Our firm prides itself on taking care of those who take care of us.

Please contact us if you are a first responder or friend or family member of a first responder injured as a result of another’s negligence. Schedule your free consultation by calling 716-800-3442 or filling out our online submission form.

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