Defending You After A White Collar Crime Charge

Facing a white collar crime is stressful and can have a great impact on your life. Your reputation and future are at stake. These crimes are more complex than other types of crimes and require diligent, thorough defense.

At Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP, our clients are fortunate to have the experience of being represented by a former white collar crime prosecutor and attorneys who have defended those accused of a white collar crime in both large and small settings. If you or someone you know has either been charged or is suspected of committing some type of white collar crime, we highly recommend that you immediately seek a free consultation with our office to learn your potential rights and responsibilities.

Understanding The Complexities Of White Collar Crimes

The charge and prosecution of white collar crime is much different and sometimes more complex than more commonplace street crimes. Often, a target of a white collar crime prosecution may have the potential benefit of knowing that potential criminal prosecution exists prior to actual charges being filed against them. The manner in which current white collar crime is prosecuted affords a potential defendant an opportunity to prepare his or her defense strategy and sometimes avoid prosecution altogether.

Under some circumstances, individuals play only a part in a larger scheme coordinated by a mastermind of a white collar crime operation. And that leader may bear greater responsibility for the criminal activity. Just as white collar crime can involve a network of individuals playing different roles, some larger and some smaller, with varying level of criminal responsibility, it can also be perpetrated by one individual in any type of business, office or governmental position. Sometimes individuals are brought into white collar crime allegations through association only, without actually ever committing any type of criminal activity or having taken any actions to further the white collar criminal scheme.

Sometimes white collar allegations involve businesses, entities or individuals in the public domain which are subject to media scrutiny or the rigors of social media. In these circumstances, having the right representation is critical to taking the appropriate steps to manage the public relations responsibilities that accompany these charges and to minimize any collateral damage caused to one’s family, employment and reputation. Making an ill-advised choice, or one without the benefit of counsel, may cause irreparable damage and consequences.

We Are Ready To Build Your Defense

Having awareness of potential charges, along with knowledgeable legal representation with experience in handling both the investigation and prosecution of these matters, is critical in the defense of all white collar charges. At Rosenthal Kooshoian & Lennon, LLP, we have successfully defended individuals who have been charged with various types of fraud, forgery, official misconduct, schemes to defraud, falsification of records and grand larceny, among others. Call us today at 716-800-3442 and let us put our white collar crime knowledge and experience to work for you. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

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