Watch out for these fall events that result in many DUI car crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | DUI

Fall is a magical time. The changing colors and weather, and the series of holidays and sporting events set the scene for great family memories. However, fall also comes with a significant danger of potentially devastating car crashes. Here are a few of the most dangerous fall events to be cautious of, so that you can keep your family safe.


Halloween parties are a great way to relax and create memories with your friends and co-workers. But just like any party, Halloween parties create ample opportunity for the overconsumption of alcohol.


While you’re enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with your family, you’ll probably have a couple of glasses of wine or beer. After dinner, stick to watching the football game instead of getting behind the wheel. From 2014 to 2018, nearly half of fatal accidents on Thanksgiving were because of impaired driving.

College football games

Alcohol is one of the most iconic features of the football game experience. When leaving the stadium afterwards, be especially wary of the thousands of people around you who might be driving after drinking without a designated driver.

Deer season

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that car crashes involving deer are more than twice as common in the month of November than in the rest of the year. Avoiding a deer while driving highway speeds is hard enough when sober. Driving while intoxicated adds to the danger considerably.

Enjoy this fall, but make sure to say safe as well. After a festive event filled with alcohol consumption, don’t run the risk of a DUI or of being severely injured in a car crash. It’s simply not worth it. Even if you don’t drive after drinking, make sure to keep an eye out for others who do.


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